Saturday, March 5, 2011

Four love poems by Cecilia-Anca Popescu

It’s Something Else

It’s something in the way you love me
that wakes up a forgotten feeling
from the deep of my human being
covered by the daily dust
and years after years rust.

It’s something in the way you look at me
that washes fears from my face
and makes me feel, by odd replace,
so beautiful, and so alive,
surprised by what you can revive.

It’s something in the way you kiss me,
that lights desire I thought was gone,
a suave girl then I become,
and I surrender in front of
the purity of our love.

The Blue Little House in Montmartre
At the little blue home
with arcade in chrome,
hidden in Montmartre
behind flowers mart,
a saxophone plays
and piano paraphrase.

A linden spreads incense,
the cat sleeps on the fence,
old stones talk aloud,
steps gathering from crowd.
My burning little heart
hidden in Montmartre
hopes to see you home
in our blue dome.

Flower Girl
Please agree
let me be
your flower girl
with a little pearl.
I’ll come at dawn,
from now on.

I’ll start
with a bleeding heart.
From spring’s crop
I’ll take a snowdrop,
fresh from woods
to revive your moods.

A vase I’ll fill
with yellow daffodil.
Invading the room
the hyacinth’s perfume
slowly, will wake you up
blue flowers in a cup.

Another day I’ll rest
carefully on your chest,
a white peony
to spread harmony
and some Forget-Me-Not.
Please, give me a shot.

The Time Thereafter
In one day
when my days
will be counted down
I’ll remember
the moments
of passionate love.

In one day,
when my days
will be less and less
I’ll remember
the seconds
beside you.

In that day,
and in others
before I’ll die
I’ll re-live
the hours
of pure amour.

Cecilia-Anca Popescu read these poems a the Rivoli Restaurant for a Valentine’s Day event organized by The Ontario Poetry Society.  Burdened with the nostalgia of every Romanian immigrant, Cecilia-Anca Popescu writes about the drama of the expat, about her life experiences, and sometimes about her cats. You can read more of her poetry here.

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