Thursday, March 17, 2011

"My kids are begging for a pet" a true story by Susan Crossman

Children are sweet creatures but somewhat wily when it comes to pet ownership. When my own kids launched their Puppy Campaign a few years ago, there was only one possible response: No.

“But Mom, we need a dog,” came the anguished rebuttal. And they probably did.

My children’s father had died a few months earlier. We had all been recovering from the demise of our beloved chocolate Lab, Zeppy. And the year before that, we had faced the passing of my own wonderful father. The business of death was weighing on us and the thought of a puppy prancing around our ankles had some appeal ... more

Susan Crossman is a career writer with decades of experience in journalism, government communications, PR and marketing. She currently runs her own freelance writing business through which she produces newsletter and web content, speeches, reports, profile pieces and other custom documentation for clients in the corporate sector. You can read another essay by susan here and an excerpt from her novel in progress here. And check out Susan's website, Crossman Communications, here.

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