Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love Letters

The Seven of Swords
Hi Brian:
When I was scrolling through your website, I discovered the newpages and sent a piece to one of the literary magazines that was seeking submissions. A month later, they emailed saying they'd like to run my piece in their 2011 winter issue. The literary journal is called Jelly Bucket. It was a great feeling, and I thought I'd let you know that I found the link on your site. :)

Cheers and thanks,

For information on submitting to Jelly Bucket, see here.

Hi Brian,
Just wanted to let you know that in the eternal pursuit of publishing creds, I've had my first short story published. You can find the story, "The Seven of Swords," on Jersey Devil Press. Can't say enough good things about Eirik Gumeny and Monica Rodriguez, Jersey Devil Press's Editors, nice folk and funny as heck.

I have another story pending publication in the fall issue of Spinetingler. Will let you know when it's up.

Tanis Mallow

For information on submitting to Jersey Devil Press, see here. Info on submitting to Spinetingler here. And read Tanis’s story here.

For information about Brian Henry's creative writing courses and writing workshops in Toronto, Halton, Peel, the GTA, Ontario and beyond, see here

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