Monday, April 4, 2011

Black Heart magazine call for submissions for Noir issue – deadline April 30

Black Heart is a full-on literary rebellion based in Austin, Texas, where it is edited and produced by Laura Roberts.

In brief, we publish fiction that breaks the rules. Join us, if you dare. We aim to publish the best in short-form modern literature, from pulp to literary fiction and everything in-between.

Genres are declassé, passé, and simply so last century. If it’s got a beating heart full of blood and longing, we want it on our site. Enough irony and oh-so-clever cheek. Bring us something real, friendo.

Our reading period never ends, and we accept submissions year-round, unlike some poncey lit-mags that close up shop when school ain’t in session.

Submit to the NOIR issue!
Black is back. Actually, black never left, though many have tried to claim various shades as the “new black.” At Black Heart, we’ve always known darkness, like spilled ink or a night without stars. We like it best with the lights out and the projector humming with a good, old-fashioned noir.

Help us create our NOIR issue, an homage to the days of yore, with a play on old-timey dames and gumshoes pussyfooting their way around a great big mystery. Send us your Sam Spades, your Maltese falcons, your Vincent Price bad guys typing in bathtubs and, of course, your femme fatales.

Give us mystery, suspense, guns and girls. Give us a new twist on the old black-and-whites we can quote line for line. (Oh, and check out the film noir Wikipedia page if you need a little inspiration, see?)

Our excellent, crime-fiction-lovin’ GUEST EDITOR Jimmy Callaway will determine whether you’re hard enough to be featured in our issue, based on his tough-as-nails, no-nonsense approach, so give us only your best work.

We’re looking for the following:
Flash fiction – 800 words or less
Poetry – up to 3 pieces per author
Artwork – original drawings, photos, paintings & more inspired by our theme (up to 3 images)

Deadline: April 30, 2011

Black Heart home page here. For full guidelines or to submit, see here.
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