Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Daughter's Diary" by Liz Crockett

Hi, Brian.
I have written and self-published a wee book titled A Daughter's Diary. One hundred percent of the money from my profits will be donated to cancer research.

This book chronicles the journey my dad and I embarked upon when learning of his diagnosis of terminal cancer. I needed to do something. I learned of my dad's cancer a year after losing my mom to cancer. Then three months after losing my dad, I received my own diagnosis of cancer.

If anyone is interested, they can purchase it in one of two ways, either in paperback form for $13.11, or by reading it online for $7.24. Either way, after publishing costs, I will profit $5 per purchase, which will then be donated. You can download the printed book version here or download pdf file download version here.

I thank everyone for their consideration.
Elizabeth (Liz) Crocket

Note: You can read some of Liz’s poetry here and here.

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