Sunday, May 22, 2011

Literary agent Beth Fleisher seeks Middle Grade, YA, adult sci-fi, etc.

Beth Fleisher formerly of Barry Goldbalatt Literary has founded her own agency, Clear Sailing Creatives. Beth  has more than 20 years experience in the publishing business as an editor, author and agent. 

She was with Ace Science Fiction (part of The Berkely Publishing Group), and when Berkley wanted to explore the graphic novel market, she took on those projects. In 2009, she became an agent with Barry Goldblatt Literary.

Her clients include: Will Alexander, Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker, Jacey Bedford, John Mantooth, and Emily Murdoch.

Beth will read submissions in
• Middle grade - all subjects
• YA - all subjects
• Adult genre- SF, fantasy, some horror/thriller
• Select children's non-fiction, especially on history, science and nature
• Select graphic novels/hybrid books

She does not want, and so will not read
• Picture books
• Romance
• Memoir
• General adult fiction
• How-to books

She would love to find
• A true middle grade or YA mystery
• A great ghost story
• A wonderful animal story
• Adventure stories, whether dystopic YA, SF, or fantasy

How to submit
• Send a short cover letter with synopsis and any professional credits or relevant experience
• Include the first 10 pages or first chapter, whichever is shorter in the body of the email
• Mail to

"I don’t want self-aggrandizing statements. (This book is the next bestseller!). All I need is a brief paragraph outlining the plot and characters, and five pages or so, so that I can see if you can write. Please only include biographical information that is relevant to the content and sale of the book. And take into account what I’m looking for. It’s just a waste of time to send me material that I do not take on."

Note that Beth is big on setting: “Setting is so important to a book. Those who have ‘talked book’ with me will know my mantra is that setting is the unnamed character in a successful book -- and that if a book doesn't have that strong sense of place, the story just lies there on the page, lifeless. I can still smell the coverlet in Meg's attic room on that rainy night -- as well as a certain deli counter in Manhattan. I don't think either book would have garnered the Newbury if Ms. Stead or Ms. L'Engle had short-handed their own particular world.”

Brian Henry has a "Writing for Children and Young Adults" workshop coming up on on August 20 in Oakville. (See here).

Brian will also be leading: "How to Get Published" workshops on August 27 in Woodstock, Ontario, (see here) and on September 24 in Guelph with guest Monica Pacheco of the Anne McDermid Agency (see here.)

See Brian's full schedule here, including writing workshops and creative writing courses in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener, Orangeville, Barrie, Woodstock, London, Gravenhurst, Muskoka, Peel, Halton, the GTA, Ontario and beyond.

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