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Exile Editions books and Exile, the Literary Quarterly – submissions

Exile is a literary publisher that puts out both books and a literary quarterly. Home page here.

Submitting your manuscript to Exile Editions books
Material Accepted for Consideration:
* Fiction: short stories and novels.
* Poetry: book-length manuscripts of more than 64 pages; preferably 96 - 144 pages.
* Non-Fiction/Essays/Travel: preferably manuscripts of more than 160 pages/Travel minimum 80 pages.
* Graphic Novel and/or Poetry: writing and art combined with a "literary/visual inclination" to adult readers, and with an emphasis on "quality" writing.
* Drama: preferably manuscripts of 96-144 pages.
* All submissions will also be considered for possible "partial/selection" publication in Exile, The Literary Quarterly. See:

Submissions by mail only, to:
Exile Editions - Books Editor
134 Eastbourne Ave
Toronto ON M5P 2G6

Note: It usually take 12-16 weeks for our editorial board to issue a reply. If you don't receive a reply within 16 weeks, email:
See previously published titles here.
Full submission information here.

Submitting your work to Exile, The Literary Quarterly:
"We strongly suggest that you read two or three issues of Exile to get an understanding of the “flavour” of our selective taste with regard to what we publish in our journal. We are particular in our belief that we have a duty to ourselves (and our readers) to publish the best of both established and new writers–and artists–and we therefore have a very refined selection process.

Also, the mistake many authors make is that they think submitting everywhere and anywhere is their best chance of getting published (and this is increasingly evident as authors want to dump their work on publishers via e-mail) … but this is not the case here, as we are quite deliberate in who we select (and, if we do choose you, only to find out the same submission has been chosen by another publisher, you will never appear in Exile – hence, our No Multiple Submission policy).
Some simple Guidelines for submitting to Exile:

1) As noted above, We do not accept Multiple Submissions (ie, if you have submitted the work you want to send us elsewhere, then do not submit to us); and we do not accept electronic submissions/e-mail submissions (these will simply be deleted upon receiving).

2) For fiction and drama, we accept an average of 10-20 pages, although sometimes 1-2 pages, or as many as 30-40 pages, depending on the “body” and “individual integrity” of the work. This means that submissions generally fall within these lengths, and are expected to be a selection of your highest quality material.

3) For poetry, it is similar in that you can submit a few poems, or up to fifteen, again depending on the body of work.

4) Artists should submit ten to fifteen 4×6 photos, or colour-accurate photocopies, of their work, and should consider the body as a whole so we have the option of doing a Colour Section with them. You can also provide a Web site address, so that we can view more of your work if need be (please give exact links that take us to works that complement those you’ve submitted–we do not want to browse through your complete site).

5) Otherwise, we have no further particular guidelines except that you choose your work conscientiously, mail it in to us to the address below, and include a SASE if you want it returned (it usually take 6-8 weeks to receive a reply). For artists, be sure that your SASE is durable/safe and labelled accordingly (ie. Fragile, Photos, etc.) for you to have your works returned undamaged.

Direct your submissions to either the Fiction Editor, Poetry Editor, or Art Editor, at:
ELQ/Excelsior Publishing Inc
170 Wellington Street West – PO Box 308
Mount Forest, ON, N0G 2L0

Full submission guidelines for Exile quarterly here.

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