Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nomad on the Run, reviewed by Chuck Waldron

Self-published, 289 pages, paperback, $15.95 or as ebook $6.95

Georges Benay has written his first novel, a financial thriller, and it's a winner right out of the starting gate. He has peopled his book with a wide range of interesting and believable characters, and created a word-painting rich in detail.

With his relationship with Laura coming to an end, Eric receives a handwritten invitation to join a boutique investment bank, a seductive offer he can’t refuse.

Then, things get interesting as the reader is suddenly plunged into a travelogue of intrigue and adventure. From Toronto to Casablanca, off to Lima and Arequipa, and back to Morocco.

These are the destinations many of us only dream about, but Benay uses his personal knowledge of those destinations as backdrop for the story.

Once in Casablanca Eric wonders if he has somehow been drawn into a curious version of a ménage à trois with Jeff, Valerie and Tania. What are the real dynamics behind the tension between the three, each seeming to give Eric a different piece of the puzzle?

Author Georges Benay
Georges Benay paints a word canvas rich with details, drawing on his banking background to describe how the fate of emerging financial powerhouses of china and India is tied to someone in Iowa facing foreclosure on a home.

As the saying goes, “it could be ripped from today's headlines.”

Is someone getting ready to capitalize on the worldwide distress, finding a way to turn it to their advantage?

Faced with an assassin’s knife, the real adventure is about to begin for Eric. The rest of the story is like the end of an exciting horse race.

Benay sprinkles tantalizing clues throughout his novel, and when the reader has maneuvered past the plot twists and reads past the roadblocks in Eric's path, the reward will be a story you will remember long after you read the last page.

Georges Benay has written a world-class novel, a story that will have you reading right up to the final, cryptic message. Enjoy the trip, you won't be disappointed.

You can visit Georges Benay’s website hereTo purchase Nomad on the Run in print or as an ebook, go here.

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