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Four agents at The Friedrich Agency all looking for new authors

The Friedrich Agency

19 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10010

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Molly Friedrich founded The Friedrich Agency in 2006, following nearly three decades at The Aaron Priest Literary Agency. She was joined by her daughter, Lucy Carson, in 2008. The agency has now grown to four agents, all of whom are looking for new authors.

Here’s what The Friedrich Agency says about itself: “The agency has retained its intimacy and dedication to attentive, hands-on representation. Our vision and strategy are built for the long term, nurturing and brokering not only print publishing rights, but every dimension of a writing career: translation rights, film & television, audio, serial, and merchandising. The Friedrich Agency is a proud home for a select and beloved list of novelists and authors of non-fiction, both critically and commercially celebrated.


Hannah Brattesani was recently promoted to full agent. She’s the newest member of the team. After handling international rights for Emma Sweeney agency and Folio Literary Management, she joined the Friedrich Agency at the end of 2019. She represents literary  fiction and highly readable nonfiction.

“I’m always intrigued by literary fiction that has a playful disregard for the rules of a novel, like SPEEDBOAT by Renata Adler,” she says, “and I admire authors with a dark bent (Iain Reid) and an offbeat sense of humor (Jen Beagin).

"I’m drawn to narrative nonfiction that invites me into a community, culture, or lifestyle that I would never otherwise experience or reframes familiar subjects in humorous or surprising ways. I enjoy popular science but digest it in much the same way as I ate vegetables as a child: mixed into something I find more palatable – I need a strong story and voice to carry me through but appreciate every nutritious morsel I get along the way.”

Hannah tweets here; her handle is @hbrattessan

Query Hannah at:

Include the word QUERY and title of your project in the subject line. No attachments. Full submission guidelines here.


Heather Carr was at Trident Media Group for two and half years before joining The Friedrich Agency in March 2018. She’s seeking literary and commercial fiction and nonfiction.

“I’m drawn to voice-driven nonfiction that teaches me something new while never losing personal warmth and/or zaniness,” says Heather. “There’s a specific kind of alchemy that happens for me when a nonfiction writer marries their command of a subject with personal vulnerability. I’m also interested in long-form journalism of any type, but especially as it relates to gender and sexuality.

“In fiction, I love literary novels about dysfunctional families and friendships, high-concept commercial fiction, and anything with a singular voice.”

Query Heather at:

Include the word QUERY and title of your project in the subject line. No attachments. Full submission guidelines here.

Lucy Carson is a self-professed pop culture junkie who majored in Film. She handles the agency’s Film & TV rights as well as her list of literary clients. She seeks high-concept fiction and nonfiction.

“I’m always hungry for high-concept fiction told in a sophisticated style,” says Lucy, “and it all comes down to tension and emotional involvement.

“On the nonfiction side, I’m drawn to hybrids that might not fall into a strict category but do combine strong voice with important research (such as the work of our own Lesley Blume and Florence Williams).

“If you’re on Twitter, you’ll often see me tweet about whatever I’m reading for pleasure. I do this not only to spread the word about great books, but also to send a kind of wish into the universe for my own submission desires.”

Query Lucy at:

Include the word QUERY and title of your project in the subject line. No attachments. Full submission guidelines here.

Molly Friedrich as a long list of accomplished authors, but like great agents everywhere, she can’t resist the call of really promising new author.

“My greatest four -a.m. fear as an agent is that I might have turned away Ulysses,” says Molly, “but I’d never have missed A Passage to India. Forty years ago, I’d have leapt to sell anything that wasn’t nailed down; over the years I’ve become more selective. Once starving, I’m now rarely hungry. That said, I’m still looking for the debut novel that is irresistible, for the nonfiction proposal which alters the way I see the world. I’m a fairly catholic, straight-ahead reader; I don’t flourish without well-rounded, declarative sentences!

Query Molly at:

Include the word QUERY and title of your project in the subject line. No attachments. Full submission guidelines here.


Literary agent Meg Wheeler

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