Thursday, June 17, 2021

A new book: Windward Legs by Dave Moores

Windward Legs, a novel by Dave Moores

Fast and risky action, both on and off the water, is what keeps Alice going. Sailing and men have become her prime distractions after a bad marriage breakup. The sailing is going well, the other, not so much.

Graphic and laced with dry humour, Windward Legs is the story of Alice’s exploits and her struggles, hair-raising at times, to get her life back on an even keel. She is aided, and often impeded, by a lively cast of characters from the worlds of competitive sailing, hi-tech start-ups and corporate finance, among them the all-female crew of the racing yacht Class Action, octogenarian billionaire entrepreneur Martin Opitz, and her rough-around-the-edges friend Fran.

There’s fun, mortal danger and human drama in Windward Legs, a surprising and captivating story told from a unique insider’s viewpoint.

From Middleroad Publishers, available on Amazon here.

David Moores started writing fiction “to see if I could” following a decision to finally retire from the workforce. Writing in turn started becoming a full-time job. Dave’s previous novel, Attitude, was also published by Middleroad. See more here

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