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Follow the Money ~ A Diana Darling Mystery by Connie L. Cook


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Connie Cook


Follow the Money by Connie L. Cook


Look out, there's a new private investigator on the scene, and her name is Diana Darling. In her forties and unsatisfied with her job as a number cruncher, Diana takes the plunge and completes an online course to become a private investigator. The ink is still wet on her private investigator certificate and her business, the Diana Darling Private Investigator Agency, has just opened, but she has already landed her very first client.

While on her first case investigating an extramarital affair, Diana collides with bona fide Private Detective James Woods. As it turns out, Diana and James are on the same case—just from different sides. The ongoing investigation intertwines their lives, as Diana and James go undercover at a couple’s retreat, witness a church shooting, visit a strip club frequented by seniors and bikers, and eventually follow the money to the Cayman Islands.

But along the way, there’s another conflict brewing: Diana falls for James. They try to remain professional, but their romantic feelings for one another are palpable. Soon Diana discovers that it’s never too late to fall in love and it’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

Connie Cook is a retired Registered Nurse. She enrolled in one of Brian’s creative writing classes and has been writing ever since. Her short stories have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Pacific Magazines, Feminine Collective, and she wrote a weekly children’s fiction column for the Guelph Mercury. Connie lives in Lynden, Ontario, with her two black cats who edit her writing by walking across the keyboard. Like her heroine, Diana Darling, Connie completed an online private investigator course, though, unlike her heroine it was just for background research. Connie is currently working on a sequel that takes Diana and James to Las Vegas. 

Follow the Money is available in paperback, hardcover or Kindle from Amazon here or as a Kobo e-book at Chapters here.

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