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Seven magazines or websites that pay for travel pieces

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Transitions Abroad is a website that publishes travel pieces of many different kinds – working abroad, Moving and Living Abroad, Volunteering Abroad, Studying Abroad, Travelling Abroad, Living Abroad, and so on. Pays $75 – $100 per piece.

Guidelines here.

It also has a page of articles about travel writing here.


Almost Fearless is an adventure and travel magazine for parents. Travel content is aimed at experienced travelers, who have read it all and want something new. For their adventure side they're looking at US and Canada destinations and ways to make your favorite sport accessible. 

Pays $1/word for print and between $50–$250 flat for the web.

Opens for submissions Nov 15, 2021. Guidelines here.


Ensemble Vacations is a national, consumer travel and lifestyle magazine published by Ensemble Travel Group for its member agencies, including American Express Canada and Uniglobe Eastern Canada. Each issue of the magazine is focused on specific destinations, timed to coincide with Canadian consumer purchasing patterns.  

Queries should be well-developed and focused, with a clear premise and hook, an outline of the approach and must be submitted with published clips. Features run 900–1,200 words. No telephone queries and the submission of unsolicited manuscripts for feature articles is discouraged. 

Queries may be sent to

Pays “competitive rates.” Guidelines here.


Journeywoman is a travel resource for women and seeks pieces both for its website and its monthly magazine. Its mandate is to inspire women to travel safely and to connect women travellers worldwide. Each article should reflect at least one aspect of that mandate. Check upcoming themes here

"Do you have a female-centered travel experience you'd like to share? Women travellers as well as travel writers often gift us with select stories they would like to see published at the site."

 Pays $35 honorarium for articles. (No payment for "gifted" stories.) Guidelines here.


Go World Travel Magazine covers world travel in more than 90 countries. "We’re looking for honest, down-to-earth descriptive writing. We’re not interested in a laundry list of things you saw and did; rather, we look for vivid descriptions, lively anecdotes and straightforward language that shows a sense of curiosity and interest in the destination.

Go World Travel is written from an international perspective. Our readers are travel lovers from North America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and around the globe." 

Length: 850 to 1,600 words. Add an “if you go” section at the end of your article. Pays $30 to $40 per story/photo essay upon publication.

Guidelines here.


Off Assignment is a literary magazine with a penchant for journeys and a fascination with strangers. We're looking for writers who travel, poets who wander, essayists with a sense of place, reporters with swollen notebooks, and gourmands with street cart taste. We’re not here to guide vacations. We don’t cover spas or centennials. We want the writer on the page—sweating, tripping, and telling a tale. 

“We care about voice and story. We have a taste for offbeat places. We crave, as journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski put it, ‘the atmosphere of the street, the feeling of the people, the gossip of the town, the smell; the thousand, thousand elements of reality.’” 

Pays $100. Length 300–2,000 words depending on the submission categories. See guidelines for different categories.


Great Escape Publishing publishes articles on the craft and business of getting paid to travel, whether by writing, photography, tours or other means.

“We also publish short interviews with successful readers and members, as well as professionals working in a field that enables our readers to get paid to travel. We do not publish straight travel pieces.” 

Pays $50-$75 for articles requested for the website, $100-$150 for interviews and personal stories, and $150-$200 for articles with specific income advice a reader can print and follow to earn more income.

Guidelines here.


Quick Brown Fox Quick Brown Fox welcomes your book reviews and your short stories, poems, and essays about reading, writing, favourite books, and libraries. Read a few essays on the blog to get a taste of what other writers have done (see here and scroll down).

Quick Brown Fox also welcomes reviews of any kind and of anything, anywhere or anybody. If you want to review your favourite coffee shops or libraries, babysitters or lovers (no real names please), go for it. See examples of book reviews here (and scroll down); other reviews here  (and scroll down).

Submit to:

Include a short bio at the end of your piece and attach a photo of yourself if you have one that’s okay.

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