Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Another over-elaborate way of saying something" by Brody McVittie

There was something you said
without saying anything at all, really;

something said that stayed
long after you did;

something said, and sadly
with your eyes and the wild in them
and without your lips and the words between them;

something that sounded
and in passing,
something like

"I believe in you"

when no one else would or could or, I guess
even should;

so I just want you to know
that every word I ever wrote
and every word I ever will

is really just my round-about way of saying
something like
Brody McVittie is a struggling writer out of London, Ontario. He’s authored two full-length novels, Lion & Lamb and Writing In and Of Color, both of which are currently in the revision process.
“Please stop by my blog at Any and all feedback is appreciated.” - Brody

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  1. Really beautiful poem, words that touch the heart and stay there.
    Congratulations Brody:)
    Thank you Brian for sharing.

  2. Very nice blog. I love the concept though. Excellent.


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