Monday, May 17, 2010

paperplates literary quarterly

19 Kenwood Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6C 2R8

Paperplates is a literary quarterly, publishing essays, poetry, ficton and reviews. To download the current issue, click on the cover photo here.

Paperplates makes no distinction between veterans and beginners. Some contributors have published several books; some have never before published a single line.

What does paperplates publish?

Like most magazines, paperplates has a front, a middle, and a back section.

In the front section ("homeplate") we put short personal essays, memoirs, and travel accounts. The tone expected is that of an informal letter, although the subject itself need not be light. The average length is 2,500 words.

n the middle section we put short stories, one-act plays, musical scores, poems short and long, extended travel pieces, formal essays, interviews, and reminiscences. (These categories are not exclusive.) The maximum length for the prose works is 7,500 words, for the poems 1,500 words (give or take a few couplets).

In the back section we put reviews of theatre, films, and books. The average length is 2,500 words. We have some fine regular reviewers, but no one holds tenure here. We welcome opinionated writing.

We also welcome photos and drawings for display throughout the magazine. We would like to publish one or two cartoons in each issue.

For prefence, submit on paper or, if you must, by e-mail to
Do not send fiction as an e-mail attachment. Copy the first 300 words or so into the body of your message. If we like what we read, we'll ask for the rest. If you prefer not to send a fragment, you have the option of using surface mail. Please send no more than five poems or one prose piece per submission.

Full submission guidelines here:

For information about Brian Henry's writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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