Monday, May 31, 2010

Lies With Occasional Truth magazine, call for submissions

Since it was first established in 1908, Lies With Occasional Truth has been bringing Canadian fiction to readers across the world four times a year.  The editors say:

LWOT publishes the very best writing by the very best writers in Canada (and sometimes by Americans who pretend in their cover letters to be Canadian). We only publish fiction, though our understanding of the term fiction is pretty loose (and can be summed up, for the most part, by our title). Quite simply, if you're lying, it's fiction.

In many other respects, however, LWOT is quite strict about what we choose to publish.  Here are some things that we're especially excited about publishing:

Stories that have plots.
Stories that are topical.
Humorous essays (of a fictional nature).
Genre stories (yeah, that's right, genre stories).
Chapters of your novel-in-progress.
Stories that feature zombies, werewolves, or zombie-werewolves (preferably besieging a small Maritime town).
Stories that feature former Canadian diplomat Ken Taylor.

Here are some things that we're not as excited about publishing:

Stories about people coming of age on rural Ontario farms in the 1950s.
Tales of woe from the coal mines of Cape Breton.
Memoirs that document the trials of growing up with an alcoholic stepfather in small-town Newfoundland.

We prefer stories that are below 3,000 words. Have you ever tried reading a story longer than 3,000 words on your computer screen? What's that? You can't read this because you've gone blind? Exactly...

All work remains copyright of the author (but, if we ask politely, will you let us keep it in our archive?)  We're easily confused by publication rights, so we're afraid to accept previously published materials.  We do not currently pay for stories, and we probably never will. We're not against paying writers for their work, but unless Google offers to buy us out, the only profit LWOT makes is the feeling of joy paid monthly to our hearts. But that's okay, because you're not doing it for the money, right?

To submit, please attach your story as a Word document to:
Please include the word submission, along with the name of your story, in the subject line of your e-mail. So, if you were Joseph Conrad, and you wanted to submit your story "The Secret Sharer," the subject of your e-mail would be: "Submission: The Secret Sharer."

Complete submission guidelines here:
For information about Brian Henry's writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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