Monday, May 17, 2010

“The Reckoning” and "Tales of the Otherworld" by Kelley Armstrong

Teens all over the U.S., Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are lining up to buy The Reckoning, the third book in Kelley’s hugely successful Darkest Powers series. Which is not to say Kelley’s fans are limited to the Anglosphere.  But it takes  a little longer for translations to come out, so when Kelley visited Britain in March, she had impatient fans lining up to buy her books from as far away as Germany.

Kelley also has a new book out for her adult readers, a short fiction collection, called Tales of the Otherworld that showcases critical moments in the lives of many of Kelley's best-known characters.

Kelley Armstrong's readers have proven themselves a dedicated fan-base: her previous hardcover collection of short stories, Men of the Otherworld, appeared on the New York Times bestseller list, and Canadian lists too - despite three of the stories having been available, unedited and for free, for years on Armstrong's website.

With a similar format - a handful of reedited stories and one wholly original novella - Tales of the Otherworld explores the lives of some of Armstrong's most popular characters, giving readers glimpses into how Clay and Elena met, how Eve and Kristof first hooked up (a brand new novella), and how Lucas and Paige got married.

Once Kelley’s publishers give her a break from promoting her books hither and yon across the globe, we’ll have her again as a guest speaker at a workshop somewhere here in Ontario. In the meanwhile, you can check out the video trailer for The Reckoning here.

You'll also find the trailers for the two earlier books in this series, The Summoning and The Awakening, on the same page. And visit Kelley’s very cool website here.

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  1. Having read every book in Kelley's Otherworld series as well as her Darkest Powers series, I can say she is a gifted and truly talented author. The fact that she comes from my home province is a bonus. Don't forget that she has another book in her Otherworld series, 'Waking the Witch' due out on July 27. It talks about Savannah, Paige and Lucas' ward. Can't wait!


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