Sunday, May 23, 2010

Writing workshops – coming soon

"Writing and Revising"
Offered in 3 locations:
Saturday, May 29 in Barrie. Details here.
Sunday, May 30 in Sudbury. Details here.
And Saturday, June 5 in Burlington.  Details here.

If you want to refine your story-writing skills and cut the time you will need to spend editing, this workshop is for you. You'll learn how to step back from a manuscript in order to find – and fix – flaws in your plot, structure, characterization and style. You'll learn how to rethink, rework and rewrite so that your manuscript will live up to your vision.
Special option: Participants are invited to bring a piece of their own writing (though you don’t have to!) If you do bring a piece, bring 3 copies of something short (1,500 words absolute maximum, though 800 words or fewer is better).

"How to Get Published"
Offered in 3 locations:
Sunday, June 6, in Windsor.  Details here.
Saturday, July 24 in Waterloo.  Details here.
And Sunday, August 22 in Sarnia.  Details here.

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a published author, this workshop is for you. We’ll cover everything from getting started to getting an agent, from writing a query letter to writing what the publishers want. Bring your questions. Come and get ready to be published!
Special Option: Participants are invited to bring a draft of a query letter you might use to interest an agent or publisher in your book. You don’t need to bring anything, but if you do, a couple copies could be helpful.

"Writing Your Life"
Saturday, June 19, in Brampton.  Details here.
Have you ever considered writing your memoirs or family history? This workshop will introduce you to the tricks and conventions of telling true stories and will show you how to use the techniques of the novel to recount actual events.
Workshop leader Brian Henry has been a book editor and creative writing instructor for more than 25 years. He has helped many of his students get published, including our guest speaker, Ross Pennie.

Dr. Ross Pennie is the author of The Unforgiving Tides, a doctor’s memoir of Papua New Guinea (Manor House Publishing). He has also signed a contract with ECW Press for three medical mystery novels. The first of these, Tainted, came out last April.

Two workshops in Moncton:
"Writng for Children" and "How to Write & Sell a Romance Novel." Details here.
Two workshops in Charlottetown:
"Writng for Children" and "How to Write & Sell a Romance Novel." Details here.

Upcoming: Tuesday afternoons, July 6 to Aug 10, "Exploring Creative Writing," Mississauga.  For details, email

For information about all upcoming writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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  1. I live in Windsor and just found out about your workshop a little late. Shame. Hope you come back soon. I had to laugh at your Snoopy cartoon! I've been trying to get our local paper to consider my blog for their "Life" section with no response. Funny. At first I was shocked they didn't call me the next day begging for my I realize how silly I am.


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