Monday, May 3, 2010

King Tut's Tomb Robbers, by Miguel Carbonell

Hi Brian,
King Tut's Tomb Robbers, my time travel adventure novel for young readers 9-13, is finally out. I wrote the first few pages of this story two years ago in your “Writing for Children” seminar, which helped me avoid some serious mistakes. Thank you for your informative sessions.
Miguel Carbonell

About the Book

In the year 2025, time travel is all the rage. Nathan and his sister, Lindsey, are looking forward to visiting ancient Alexandria, but something goes wrong during the transfer back in time. Nathan lands alone near the palace of Tutankhamun in Thebes. Unless he can convince Nakhtmin, the captain of the guards, that he is not a tomb robber, a painful death awaits him.

An adventure story for children nine and over, this book contains a wealth of historical details. We now know that Tut suffered from physical abnormalities (e.g. a clubfoot) and carried DNA of the malaria parasite. In spite of his disabilities, the boy-king strives courageously to assert himself as the leader of his country.

For information about ordering King Tut’s Tomb Robbers visit Miguel’s website here. 

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