Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Contributors wanted for The Guy News

The Guy News is a website that will cater funny, informative and interesting articles on a variety of topics for men. From sports, movies, music to gadgets, beer and babes, if you have an interest and a way with words, we would like to publish you!

We are aiming to launch mid to late summer.  However, there is no definite date yet. We are currently in the web development phase (site design, interface, layout etc). We wish to build a roster of solid writers and contributors (both men and women) and put in place a regular ‘call for submissions’ schedule for the week, month etc and then we’ll be ready to go!

We like interesting, informative and funny and we love topics like sports, gadgets, beer, babes, movies, music and whatever else you can think of under the sun that you may find you and your buddies talking about over a pint at the bar. In a tone that resembles just that, we want to bring our readers the best writing on the most interesting and kick-ass topics a guy can possibly think of.

Although this is a volunteer writer/contributor position for the time being, it is important you realize we intend to grow this site into a household name generating a high traffic of readers, advertising partners and then income. Anyone who shows an interest and works with us by contributing any number of articles per month will be highly recognized as an important member of The Guy News team and will without a doubt be compensated as we grow. Although this is a site for guys, I would like to encourage women to contact me who believe they have funny and interesting opinions (or perhaps advice) guys will find useful. After all, what is a website for men without the voice of a woman from time to time!

Those interested please send an inquiry to
Include a brief bio and a sample of your work! We look forward to hearing from you.

Photo: Patrick Dempsey having a beer at a cancer fundraiser, from The Maine News.

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