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Crow Toes Quarterly, the new face of children's lit – magazine & contest

Crow Toes Quarterly
Staff portrait
Crow Toes Quarterly
186  8120 No. 2 Road
Suite #361
Richmond, BC, V7C 5J8

Update: Crow Toes ceased publication in January 2011. It's sorely missed.

If you are searching for stories about fluffy bunnies, puppies and happy birthday parties, then you have come to the wrong place. 

Welcome to Crow Toes Quarterly, a playfully dark arts and literature e-zine and limited-edition print magazine for children ages nine and up. At Crow Toes Quarterly, things are sometimes funny ... and often frightening. If this makes you nervous, simply hit the back button. If this makes you curious, read on... 

Crow Toes Quarterly is looking for playfully dark, intelligent, descriptive literature written for children ages 9 and up. Stories can range in length, but must not exceed 3000 words and please, pretty please, send only your best, most carefully edited work.  The theme for the upcoming 16th issue will be "Lost."  (This theme is open to interpretation.)  Only submissions sent by snail mail will be considered.

CTQ also accepts illustrations and other types of artwork for the magazine's Art Interludes. These must be dark and imaginative...a continuation of the themes Crow Toes Quarterly embraces.

Crow Toes Quarterly is a very small magazine that runs on a shoestring budget. Sadly, CTQ is unable to pay its contributors. Well, that's not totally true. CTQ will throw in two copies of the limited edition print magazine in which the contributor's work appears. CTQ will also give contributors a hearty pat on the back. And who doesn't like a hearty pat on the back? Seriously.

Full submission guidelines here.

"There's a ghost standing at the foot of my bed" contest

There's a ghost standing at the foot of your bed.  What does it look like? What does it want? Is it a nice ghost or a mean ghost? In 250-500 words, tell us a little story about your experience with this ghost. Be sure to include a description of the ghost and some brief dialogue between you and the ghost. And be sure to have the words: "there's a ghost standing at the foot of my bed" somewhere in the story.

Our two favourite ghost stories will receive copies of the last two "Special" Print Editions (The 14th and The 15th Issue), a one-year subscription to our e-zine and publication on our website.

Email your ghost story to our Staff Villain at:
Please place your story into the body of the email and be sure to include a brief bio with the story.

Contest deadline: Friday, October 29 11:59 p.m.

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