Monday, October 11, 2010

Come to a book launch - Oct 16 in North Bay or Oct 30 in Sturgeon Falls

Hi Brian,
Your workshops and feedback have helped me on several occasions over the past decade, and I am happy to announce that my debut novel, Swampy Jo, is being launched this month by Scrivener Press. Since taking your sessions, I've published a number of short stories, including "Grumble" in the 2006 YSP anthology Bluffs: Northeastern Ontario Stories from the Edge. I illustrated La Laineuse by Rachel Desaulniers (Le Centre FORA, 2006), and was also invited by my publisher to illustrate the cover and interior illustrations for Swampy Jo.

Thanks for all your good advice and objective information about the writing industry.

Also, I want to invite all your readers to my book launches: Saturday, October 16th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in North Bay at Gullivers' Quality Books & Toys
and Saturday, October 30th, 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. in Sturgeon Falls at Mac's Office Supplies on King Street

All the best,
Jennifer Rouse Barbeau

About the book:
Can you grow up sane if the adults in your life are crazy?

Swampy Jo is the wry coming-of-age story of fourteen-year-old Sarah Jo (nicknamed Swampy Jo for her poor hygiene) whose obsession with diet and exercise is slowly erasing her. Can she piece together the puzzle of dirty secrets that have led to her parents’ divorce, her mother’s nervous breakdown, and her aunt’s obsession with cleaning? Left alone to cope, Swampy Jo must decipher the sign of the Mystic Cross in time to save the life of a remote but compelling boy, whose fate, she learns, is mysteriously linked to hers.

Swampy Joe is published by Scrivener Press, a regional publisher in Northeaster Ontario.  Check out their website here.  And submission requirements here.
Swampy Joe is available for sale at book stores and on-line from Chapters here.
For information about Brian Henry's writing workshps and creative writing courses, see here.

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