Monday, October 4, 2010

"Out of Darkness, The Jeff Healey Story" by Cindy Watson available now

I am really excited to announce that my new young adult book, Out of Darkness, The Jeff Healey Story, is now available in bookstores. Thanks so much for all your early help in getting my writing career kick-started through your workshops! Check out the acknowledgements - you're there.

It's exciting to see the book stocked in Chapters and independent booksellers alike.

Cindy Watson

Note: Out of Darkness is published by Dundurn Press. Check out Dundurn’s submission requirements hereAlso, you can order Out of Darkness from here.

For information about Brian's writing workshops and creative writing courses, see here.

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  1. This should be a great read for young adults or fans of Jeff Healey.As a huge fan myself since I was just 6 yrs old,I'll definitely be picking up this book and hopefully it will lead me into a deeper view of what Jeff Healey went through his entire life.If there was an angel,Jeff Healey would be one of them...he's sorely missed here and I'll remember him for his incredible under rated talents and his awesome music with The Jeff Healey Band! R.I.P Jeff!
    I hope your tearing up your guitar with all the other great musicians you are truly a legend in my eyes...Thank You Jeff! May your guitar gently weep on,weep on in our hearts forever!
    Goodbye my friend! We all miss you!


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